Our environment and quality policy

We work according to the environment certificate ISO 14001

The company shall take a path towards a long- running and enduring society by offering products and services with the least possible effect on human and environment and with the customer in focus.

Our environment policy is achieved by

  • Every meaning aspect shall be under continuous improvements.
  • We shall through continuous improvements minimize the environment effect from our work.
  • All staff shall be engaged and have sufficient knowledge to execute their work in an environmentally favorable way. We follow the demands in the environmental law that we're under.
  • We shall put environmental demands on our suppliers, where it's applicable.
  • Actively cooperate in environment issues with customers, suppliers and others.
  • We shall hire by the government accepted companies for deposal of toxic waste.
  • Control the organization with a well working environment system.
  • This policy shall be reevaluated following a new environmental investigation is being made according to our routines.

We work according to the environment certificate of ISO 9001

The quality system, which is based on SS-ISO 9001, shall be used to control the processes that affects supplied products or services' quality, as well as developing and secure the cooperation between company and customer.

We also have a welding technical handbook according to SS-EN 729-2, that shall maintain the quality of our welding works. It's used to confirm that our manufactured products keep high quality by increased repeatability of our manufactured processes with the help of written work descriptions and by WPS

According to this quality system we have accepted company procedure tests according to SS-EN 288-3, our welders have welding certificates according to SS-EN 288-3, and we also have a responsible for welding, certified according to SS-EN 719.

The company has a strive to continuously reapply knowledge that affects the quality of the company services. The own staff shall be encouraged to engage in a quality thinking through internal information and education.

The company goals in question of quality shall be fulfilled regardless wether the work is being made by own staff or engaged suppliers.

In executing of services with a customer, where this stands for work leading responsibility, facilities as well as machines and tools, we follow the customers own demands of quality. In other cases our own quality system is being followed.